About Me

My name is Karen Bryars, LMT #4290. I am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and owner of Faith Peace Massage, Establishment #2375. I am honored to be able to assist people in maintaining their health and wellness. I am a graduate of Pensacola State School of Massage Therapy. I have attended the University of Mobile and have a Bachelor Degree in Management. I decided to pursue a career in Massage Therapy because I feel that massage is an important part of body maintenance. I enjoy having a job that allows me to help others relax and reduces pain and anxiety.


A 24 hour advance notice is needed to cancel and reschedule treatment. This allows our company to have sufficient time to book another client. I am aware that clients are sometimes late. In the case of a late arrival, the amount of missed time will be decreased from the time left in your scheduled appointment. The full amount of fee for the time scheduled will be charged.

Please be prepared to fill out intake forms prior to the service. Clients with health issues such as: Diabetes (can cause a drop in Blood Sugar), HIV, Heart or Kidney Problems, Cardiovascular issues, and conditions requiring ongoing medical treatment, will be required to bring a release form from their current doctor. Massage may be unhealthy at certain stages and require doctor approval. I am not trained to treat cancer patients. Please reschedule your appointment if you become ill with any contagious condition (flu, vomiting, fever, skin outbreaks).

Faith Peace Massage accepts cash and credit cards. I do not accept insurance. Please bring any discount coupons or promotional flyers with you to your appointment. The amount of the discount will only be applied if accompanied by a coupon.